Cloud-Based Security Solution

What are the Advantages Of A Cloud-Based Security Solution

No so long in the past cloud-based solutions including data security solutions were considered the exclusive preserve of the big enterprise with those below left to manage the show all on their own. What it meant was that one had to bring into play one’s own infrastructure, servers, hardware and miles and miles of wiring that despite its formidable looks could never keep pace with the development of viruses and cyber-crime techniques. Like an old car that invariably demanded larger and larger quantity of services as the years rolled past, one’s own stand-alone software stood out like a sore thumb whose tenacity, speed and abilities decelerated with time. If that wasn’t bad enough, hardware, the mainstay of software till a while back would invariably bring issues to scaling up with time. What you had was worse than a vintage car that commanded more than its share of value.

And then came the answer. Cloud-based security solutions. Like a taxi taken on lease for a very short while, it gives you all that you need- including a driver, without having to invest hard-earned money in an a depreciating asset that over time needs more maintenance than can be justified. Something similar is the case with legacy stand-alone security solutions.

What then are the advantages of cloud data security solutions?

  • The best of services at least of cost! The biggest advantage when a service turns into a “shared” service is that it goes from being Capex to Opex! No question of investing huge sums and then expecting a cut in profits/ taxes to fund the next installment of the asset. Here, you pay as you use, and claim it as business expense. Much less headache in every which way.
  • Shared service so costs are down! Like the example of the taxi mentioned before, the advantage of shared services including data security solutions on the cloud is that fixed costs get apportioned among a large number of users due to which costs come down drastically. Also, there’s no capital expenses including maintenance, dedicated personnel, down-time etc. Nothing but quality service
  • Upscaling is never an issue! With the service itself being provided by a third-party, users are completely obviated from the hassle of administrative work and the likes when it comes to scaling up the service. Signing on the dotted line, they are guaranteed the provision of service under all reasonable circumstances. Even if there is a cost involved in upgrading, due to the very way it is positioned, the service comes at a small price that’s more than covered by one’s earnings.
  • Data remains super-secure! One of the biggest advantages of investing in a cloud-based data security solution is that data remains secure at all the times by the use of the best and latest of system- something that invariably gets compromised when one uses a legacy stand-alone system. Cloud operators being specialists at their job, they can be expected to invest and use the latest security measures, something that a user could least expect to do. This by itself guarantees that a user’s data in varied forms can be secured at all times and circumstances
  • Data processing and access! If you can store data on the cloud, why can’t you process the same for the right effects? And see its results anywhere in the world? With the cloud, you can practically have your cake and eat it too, and do it all the time! Times like the Covid have shown the way with the largest of companies being forced to use the cloud for data storage, processing and analytics. And if you can use it during an emergency, what stops you from using it otherwise? Well, it certainly doesn’t!

These are but some of the advantages of going to the cloud with one’s data storage and processing work. With so much going into the cyber-space, it won’t be surprising if further uses aren’t found anytime soon!

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