What is cloud ERP?

Cloud-based ERP software, also called cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software solution that enables companies to manage their business processes and data in the cloud. While there are many types of ERPs, they essentially integrate various functions, including finance, accounting, human resources, supply chain management, and customer relationship management, into a single, unified system. […]

How Can ERP Software Help For SMEs

What’s the essential difference between a big engine and a comparatively smaller one. Besides delivering more power, consuming more, and demanding more attention, the one place where a bigger engine scores over the smaller option is in maintenance. A bigger engine can accomplish a lot more with lesser strain on itself as compared to a […]

How Can ERP Help My Small Businesses!

With communication technology almost flattening the world, the difference between big businesses and small are relative to how ideating they are in the field of business. Better the idea and faster the rollout, the more likely you are to get more business and bigger you grow. That said, with technology changing at the speed it […]