ERP Solutions for Small Business

How Can ERP Help My Small Businesses!

With communication technology almost flattening the world, the difference between big businesses and small are relative to how ideating they are in the field of business. Better the idea and faster the rollout, the more likely you are to get more business and bigger you grow. That said, with technology changing at the speed it does, going big from small is just about using the right resources at the right time. Like, an ERP solution for small businesses that these days invariably means small business cloud ERP.

How then does an ERP help small businesses?

Actually, an ERP, and more so a Small Business cloud ERP does so in many, many ways!

1. More business at less cost

As compared to the CAPEX costs of a legacy system, a cloud-based ERP solution for small business give OPEX benefits, one being lower outgoings because of things like the SAAS modalities. With small payouts against big benefits, this is one service that lets small businesses cut many more costs like office space. Without the need for a physical presence to park a bank of servers and other IT infrastructure, office space needed comes down drastically. That, and easy connectivity means one can operate small businesses from the comfort of their homes as well without incurring extra costs.

2. Run a business from any place with additional CRM features

A cloud-based ERP means that the service provider had clients in numbers, and with that, competition. That being the case, the service providers are always pressured to give better services, including newer services at very competitive pricing that’s just not possible with one’s own set-up where an entire department with its own personnel (that does nothing to get business) has to be put in place. Newer facilities including CRP support means a cloud-based ERP give more than what it asks for and takes care of all needs of a small business- which is then free to increase business like a big entity!

3. 24 x 7 available

Cloud-based ERP solutions for Small Businesses with their architecture are available 24 x 7, unlike legacy systems that operate almost like an office that opens and close at specific times. Also, any problem to an office-based system has to be handled by the owner-business without recourse to anyone. Things only get complicated with attention, time and resources getting diverted for no reason into an activity that does not give back anything actively. It thus makes sense to go for a Small Business cloud ERP.

4. Data security guaranteed

Legacy systems despite their brand and support, are no match for small business cloud ERP when it comes to data security. Smaller the organization, more likely that they shall cut corners given that cyber and data security are money-guzzling ventures that need deep pockets that a small business would be hardpressed to divert. But with the blessing of the cloud, most online ERP solutions have fool-proof data security systems that can take evasive action fast.

5. Analytics possible

Cloud-based ERP solutions for small businesses are now moving whole-sale into the domain of Ai for a variety of reasons at the centre of which is data that ERPs capture in tons. With an Ai system in place, it’s just a question of time before even the smallest business gets deep insights into customer and vendor behaviour to do more and better business while expending lesser resources.

6. Easy upgrades for better features

The Cloud is a shared service and with competition snapping at their heels, it is a given that the service would love to upgrade and upscale their service at nominal costs- all the better for its customers including small businesses that can do more for less!

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