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What Kinds Of Services Are Provided By An ECommerce Platform

Services provided by eCommerce platform

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Short of giving a shop owner a location in the physical sense, the best-hosted eCommerce solutions and b2b eCommerce platform give them all there is to start and propagate business that – with all systems working as expected, should keep and grow the store as planned and expected.

For that matter, an eCommerce Platform, among others provides a site that’s actually a cross between a website and a selling platform with some essential differences, the most important being that the eCommerce variant is there to sell, besides informing whereas the static website is all about proving information.

In some, the following are the kind of services that are provided by the best-hosted eCommerce solution provider:

1. A great storefront! It is supposed to describe all essential details of the product being sold. And do so in an interesting and appealing manner. While pictures are great, a great write-up and videos too are essential these days to describe products, services, and more so products that need their part of fixing and servicing as part of operations. A great storefront at the best-hosted eCommerce solution would surely provide for the same.

2. SEO services! A search engine is as sensitive as the level of optimization that’s shown while drafting an eCommerce site’s content. Optimization these days isn’t fixed to keywords and phrases but everything that is designed to attract the right kind of attention of search engines. Even with paid searches, one cannot keep the SEO activity aside. And this is one of the main USPs of a smart b2c eCommerce platform or even a b2b eCommerce platform.

3. Brand awareness! Hosting a website that does precious little for brand awareness can be compared to putting up a flag-pole and forgetting the flag itself! It may look impressive but may lead to no meaningful engagement. Creating brand awareness is something that is bound to get an eCommerce solution provider the maximum mileage and calls for giving users specialized help so that the latter’s brand(s) stand out from the rest in a crowded market.

4. CRM services! It’s one thing to have a website, and quite another to get the right eyeballs. While most get it as part of SEO activities, it’s another thing to retain and grow the same. It’s here that a multi-channel eCommerce company’s efforts find the right grounds. The better ones invariably provide customer relationship management services (in short CRM) that besides helping store details of customers, helps retain them by streamlining and making exciting customer journeys which provides the latter with timely information and takes care of all their needs.

5. Templates! One size never fitted all. The same (ideally) applies to eCommerce sites that provide their client-users with templates of what a great eCommerce site would look and feel like. With even apparently similar products having their share of dis-similarities beyond a point, what it may call for to succeed in the eCommerce space, is options to try and figure out what succeeds. And that, is provided by just a thoughtful few.

6. Full-time assistance. The best-hosted eCommerce solution provider invariably has personnel specifically assigned to client users so as to provide a single-window service. The client in this case needn’t go from pillar to post trying to resolve his issues and instead can spend time in promoting his website, products, services and its presence among those who matter.

7. Audit of services and site. An eCommerce platform be it B2B or B2C has to be continually made its client-users aware of its status vis-à-vis the ultimate users and clients. This isn’t a create-once-and-forget-to-update kind of scenario where after creating the site you needn’t look back. Yes, you need to look back, and these days quite often. One of the best ways to know where you lack and where you need to catch up is by having an audit service of the eCommerce website. And who better than the one hosting it!

8. Store analytics. With so much data available with them, the eCommerce platform be it B2B or B2C is best placed to conduct analytics on what the data represents. Analytics matter to businesses but most hardly have the time to put in their heads. And once of the best ways to make the most of data is to have instore analytics, something that is invariably provided but only by the best eCommerce solution providers.

9. Plug-ins! E-commerce is an evolving field that shall keep evolving without an end. That said, how often do you revamp websites just so that you can keep up with the latest in technologies? For some, never. For others, only a few times. And not without reasons. It’s expensive and cumbersome. The best eCommerce website makers have found the perfect holy-grail that while giving awesome service, know how to keep upgrading it the right way. Plug-ins! Just plug-in software, and with a minimum of hassles, you could be ready to go.

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