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WYS ERP solution for distribution supports tools to manage sales ordering, sourcing, pricing, billing, and shipping letting you organize business operations, so all the information is in secure place. With real-time, correct data available, employ requiring attention can be recognized in advance and tacked quickly.

WYS Enterprise Solutions upgrade and polish purchase-to-pay process supporting customer service. It helps to reduce inventory costs, high availability and streamline business.


Financial management

  • Financial Management controls income, expenses and assets with the objective of profits and sustainability.
  • It helps to track financial processes on daily basis and generates financial statements quarterly and annually. In addition, it provides tools for planning, analysis, budgeting and reporting.
  • Financial Management is completely integrated with Customer Management and Field Service Management.

Advance Inventory

  • Advance Inventory management module is key module of the system which is been carefully controlled and managed in well manner.
  • System also facilitates to manage items and their minimum stock level at each warehouse location.
  • Real time view allows team to identify out-of-date inventory, valuation method, inventory availability status at multiple warehouses with respect to their associated purchase orders and sales orders.

Purchase Order Management

  • Purchase order management system helps you to manage vendor relationship and reduces cost by automated and centrally organized processing feature.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on stock level and inventory replenishment algorithms. Purchase orders are automated that meets the price and delivery time requirements which are specified.
  • Approval rules are also supported with reference to order types, order amount, and other order specifications.

Sales Order Management

  • Order processing provides centralized sales activities management with quotes, sales order fulfillment, track pricing, discount application, and tracking inventory availability.
  • Order processing features are improved by providing real-time data to support efficient customer service.
  • Order processing is automated to eliminate unnecessary steps and integrated with alerts and notifications which will be triggered while order processing and status updates.

Support & Services

  • Support & Service integration with sales and marketing supports to deliver customer support as per requirement and helps to increase sales thereby reducing response time and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Assign service tickets to team without having to email documents and case history.
  • It presents all authorized support team with complete ticket conversation at on place with all its case-related information.

Key Benefits

  • Reach international markets effectively with cloud computing.
  • Automatically generation of purchase orders, re-order based on stock.
  • Accurately track costs of goods sold and inventory holding costs.
  • Redistribute inventory from central warehouse to other locations automatically.
Company Management
  • Manage warehouses with location-specific inventory quantities, allocations and costs.
  • Set approval rules for order types & order amount.
  • Track your Inward/Outward Inventory
  • Identify preferred Supplier.
  • Manage Multi-Location Store scenario in Online Inventory System

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