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Inventory Management


Inventory Management

In WYS ERP Inventory management module is key module of the system which is been carefully controlled and managed in well manner. System also facilitates to manage items and their minimum stock level at each warehouse location. Additionally, Company will be notified about when to restock, required quantity and its respective location. Well defined and well-established inventory management improves the working capital and profitability of the business.

Company manage inventory precisely to respond quickly to customer demand, minimize transportation costs, and minimize investment in inventory to reduce warehousing and storage costs.

Material / Inventory Management

Online Inventory Management supports tracking Inward/Outward Inventory, Control Lead Time, Re-Order levels & Re-Order Quantity, Purchase Returns, identify preferred supplier, Inventory Valuation & Stock Adjustments. Inventory management is easy to use and cloud base solution which helps to manage multi-location store scenario in Online Inventory System.



Cost Savings

  • Inventory management systems handles workload in efficient manner by handling multiple work simultaneously by minimizing expenses.
  • With the proper tools in place, you can learn more than just which products are selling and which channels are performing.
  • Having the ability to help you keep accurate levels inventory and make better decisions about what and how much to buy.

Accounting integration

  • WYS ERP inventory management helps to reduce manual labor, by automating and streamlining processes.
  • It supports direct integration to accounting from an order and inventory management system.

Support for Kits (aka Bundled Products; kitting)

  • We support kit feature or bundles meaning the product for sale is not a single item, but a combination of products sold as a kit or bundle such as a gift basket or a collection of items in a set.
  • Managing these types of products is more complex from an inventory standpoint.
  • With an inventory management solution that supports kitted products, you can see how many kits can be assembled, what ‘kit’ items need to be re-ordered.

Automated System

  • Centralized System helps to manage inventory operations, increases production and let users to achieve accurate output in less time and reduces human error.
  • Automates inventory process – using barcodes and scanners will eliminate significant inventory errors.
  • An automated system also guarantees you find critical data quickly and efficiently.

Inventory Control & Transparency

  • Inventory management is completely integrated with all other ERP modules ensuring all systems communicate with each other.
  • Stock, order and shipping information are synced across supply chain.
  • Transparency helps to control inventory across sales channels.
  • Automated inventory control provides efficient way to manage business and position themselves for growth.

Accurate Data Collection and Reporting

  • With key updates on stock, orders, and customers in a single location, ERP inventory management enables quality data collection.
  • Inventory management supports improvement by inventory reports for accurate real time insights into stock movement.
  • Start tracking your cost of goods sold, avoid overselling and underselling, and even create custom reports.

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