Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management


Cash Flow Management

Cash management provide tool to manage multiple bank accounts which includes bank reconciliation fund transfer. System enables staff to analyze cash inflows and outflows at any instance. Cash management provides detailed view of checks processing, deposits and maintains payment security and quick processing time.

Cashflow management provides liquidity to pay employees and suppliers, among others. Date is maintained accurately which helps to effectively forecast and manage cash flow and debt. WYS Enterprise Solutions software facilitates this by providing detailed data and tools that shows what cash is due for collection or payment, and when.

Cash Flow Management

Customers can pay their bill electronically. The system benefits include bank deposits, checks processing, greater security for payment and faster processing times. System allows direct payment deposition into checking account which reduces time consumption to check mails or to visit banks.



Electronic Interaction

  • Wire transfer allow users to make payment to vendors
  • Direct debits help to collect from customer
  • Bank’s cleared check file uploaded to reconcile accounts

Centralized Control

  • Cash Flow analysis and cashbook gets information from Purchasing, Sales, AP & AR
  • This empowers user to execute complete analysis and regular interaction.


  • Cashbook allow user to enter cash
  • Supporting electronic fund transfer – e-payment
  • Supporting direct debit – Paying receipt

Cash Flow Analysis

  • User-defined & Business Unit forecasting
  • Statistical analysis
  • User-defined cash targets & cash sources
  • Drill down to source transactions from forecast results

Bank Reconciliation

  • Compare the balances in an entity’s accounting entries for cash
  • Settle the differences to book changes to the respective accounting records

Key Benefits

  • Generating statement which helps to forecast advance financial activities
  • It aids for systematic business planning as it legalize to manage all the principle functions
  • It helps you in determining breakeven point
Cash Flow Benefits
  • With forecasting and cash flow management, business can handle their cash by controlling cash splurge
  • It helps to manage business function properly, to maintain cash resources and liquidity

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