Advance Inventory

Order Entry


Order Entry

Companies sells via stores and distributors taking orders directly from customer which can have different demands and it can be challenging. Direct online customer can order individual item or small quantities only from the stock availability.

Integrated fulfillment, warehouse management and inventory management fill the gap to support goods placement, allocation of resources and picking for efficiency and performance.

Retailers can sell products on the web store that are not stocked in warehouse and they can be “shipped directly” from suppliers to the customers.

Order Entry

SCM connects order management and order fulfillment system (receive, process, deliver order) to supplier’s system to command and account for flexible operating system. Multi-channel retailing supports timely and accurate fulfillment which is provided by omnichannel retail solution.

Multi-channel retailing is growing division of retail industry. It is challenging while upgrading and enhancing online business of retailer and wholesaler to connect with direct e-Commerce. Inventory and price Management allows to manage stock with their warehouse location and quantity, locate fast or slow inventory movement, and adjust costing and offers dynamically.



  • Advance order entry and order processing capabilities.
  • Flexible estimation.
  • Credit management for customers.
  • Finance management for multi-companies.
  • Integrated stock management for true evaluation and availability.
  • Picking, packing and order tracking.
  • Account receivable and invoicing integration.
  • Multi-channel retailing Manage return process.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce manual errors by leverage existing customer, inventory, products, sales and shipping data from WYS ERP software to increase throughput.
  • Organized inventory synchronization, track updates, provides complete overview of inventory to shoppers, and without staff you can manage all transaction process.
  • Simplified operations.
Benefits Of Point of Sale
  • On shipping order customers will be notified automatically.
  • Simplified costing and product changes to stock, such as promotional discounts or quantity.
  • Revenue and profit will be achieved by managing multiple offline and online sales channels.
  • Automated tax compliance helps to achieve tax requirement.

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