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Business organization is supported by “Front-End & Back-End” functions which includes customer support, accounting, purchasing. WYS Enterprise Solutions’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps to improve sales, marketing and customer service & support.

The main aim of CRM system is to meet the customer requirement in timely and efficient manner, to maintain customer satisfaction at high level throughout organization and with customer to achieve the organization’s target revenue and profitability goals can exceed.


WYS Enterprise Solutions with CRM integration, it is possible to achieve complete view of company’s customers and support analysis helping to identify most profitable and important customer as well as providing more costly ones and less profitable.

CRM is designed to meet the core CRM needs of the typical discrete manufacturer or wholesale distributor, and to provide close integration between these core CRM capabilities and the other ERP functionality provided within the WYS Enterprise Solutions software suite.

With this CRM/ERP integration, a ‘360-degree view’ of your customers and their individual impact on your operations and profitability can be accurately measured and optimized over time.



Account Management

  • Customer relationship management allows users to enter and maintain various statistics and other details about leads, opportunities, customers and even other organizations like business partners, competitors and associations.

Contact Management

  • Each company / account’s unlimited contacts can be maintained, by designating one contact as primary for Account.
  • Multiple physical addresses, contact number and email addresses can be managed for each contact.

Team Selling Support

  • System is developed in manner to support selling capabilities along with “role-based” support.
  • CRM also keeps sales and customer data in well organize manner which helps to make any decision whenever required in regard of sales, marketing etc.

Opportunity & Quotes

  • Sales and marketing staff manage CRM’s Lead and Opportunities.
  • Determine the best customer to follow up based on statistics and interests.
  • Qualify opportunities that sales team has with Customers.
  • Generate quotes to prospect and help to convert it into sales order

Modular Integration

  • Customer Relationship Management provides complete and direct integration with all ERP modules.
  • Efficiency of the system will be increased by connecting ERP with CRM system.
  • It helps to manage customers, prospects, quotes and many more all in one place through combined solution.


  • Setting Transparency: System is structured as transparent to make team work efficiently and in organized manner. CRM tracks each staff’s performance with respect to their opportunities and revenue generation at regular intervals. CRM platform helps manager to locate what aspects of sales team is performing well and what needs improvement. Data is organized by system itself and sales person at required places in the system. Lead assignment is assured and automated by system.

Reports & Issue Management

  • CRM provide “Issue management” which allows customer service to track and manage all calls/ issues / incidents etc.
  • It helps sales reps to assign issues to respective member.
  • Manage each customer individually and efficiently in order to improve customer satisfaction. Issues can be tracked, close once resolved and reopen whenever reported again. 
  • Set and assign task to sales rep with respect to their priority which helps user to concentrate on them accordingly and increasing their productivity time.
  • CRM supports report customization as per need and provides relative reports helping CRM maintenance and helps to track CRM growth.

Key Benefits

  • CRM enables you to forge stronger connection and a deeper relationship with clients.
  • It helps to provide the solution to their problem. 
  • Sales team can schedule meetings with prospects in the same geographic area.
  • Accurate and up-to-date CRM helps employees solve client problems, Doing so makes employees and clients happy.
  • CRM provides services to clients and able to resolve a client's concern.
  • It keeps record of customer interactions
  • You can track your lead’s journey down the sales funnel from the point of entry to the point of conversion and even after.
  • CRM gives you the option to easily manage and control multiple leads.
  • CRM helps you to find the quality leads in your system easily.

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