Bill of Material



Bill of Material

Bill of material plays very vital role for material and production requirement in manufacturing process for any sector.

WYS ERP’s Bill of Material provides detail view as recipe or structured list providing its items or required subassemblies for manufacturing and providing shippable finish good that describes financial and engineering views of finish good structure. Information provided by Bill of Material is shared with all other integrated business prosses linked with production order, material requirement planning and enterprise resource planning allowing you to efficiently plan and schedule inventory, costs, sales order and stock forecasting and operating hours and other resources.

Bill of Materials and Routing

Bill of Material plays vital role to manufacture or assemble finish good. WYS Enterprise Solutions provide simplified Bill of Material solution to support you with clear view of complete requirement detailing components and their quantity for assembling or manufacturing the product. The Bill of Material also provides details of required operation, workstation, require time per process along with extra details like required labors, other default charges consideration.



Effectivity/Expiration Dates

  • BOM handles material planning and usage with respect to effectivity dates while working from beginning till end.

Flexible Copy BOM

  • System supports you with integrating existing BOM to different Item an alternative BOM for easy set up.

Unlimited Fixed and Variable Overhead Costs

  • Provides complete detailing of variable overhead costs by workstation and operations.

Revision History

  • BOM revision history will be maintained completely.
  • Existing BOM can help to duplicate and generate it various revisions with their own unique ID to maintain their varied structure as per need.

Production Steps

  • BOM helps to determine relative manufacturing operations in steps with detailed instruction, notes and total working hours along with assigned resources.

Multilevel BOM

  • Multilevel BOM is a bill of material that lists in a hierarchy way of components, assemblies, sub-assemblies and raw material required to make a finished product.

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